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Some people think that crafts are more for girls than boys, but in actuality all children love crafts.

Cowboy crafts for children are a great idea and boys especially love them. If you have some empty toilet-paper or paper towels rolls handy, you can make a village full of cowboys and cowgirls! Use construction paper to fashion clothes for your person and glue flat against the roll. Then add arms and a head that stick out to make the person more 3-D. Depending on the child’s age and creativity, you can add details such as a cowboy hat, boots, a guitar, a rope, or whatever else you desire. Make several of these to create a fun afternoon of pretend play.

Cowboy vests are a staple item of their wardrobe. To make a cute and simple cowboy vest, use a paper grocery bag. Make a hole in the bottom of the bag for the child’s head. Then cut down the front of the bag and cut arm holes in the sides. Voila, you have a vest. To give it more of a western look, the child can cut up from the bottom of the vest in small strips to make it look like fringe. They can also color or glue a badge or other design onto their vest.

Here is a craft that doubles as a fun game. Make a snake out of rope, yarn, or a heavy paper. Make the snake 6 to 8 feet long in order for the game to work well. To the front of your snake, glue paper cut or colored to look like the snake’s head. To the end, glue or tape a film canister or other small container filled with beans or rice to make a rattlesnake. You can also cut a small hole in the container, poke a pipe cleaner through it, and use that to attach the rattle to the snake. Children can take turns winding the snake on the floor while the others try to jump over it.

A cowboy boot stocking is a fun idea for the Christmas holidays. Cut two boot shapes out of paper, felt, or other material. Glue together along the edges. Older children may wish to sew, with help, to help the craft hold up better. Glue embellishments such a small buckles to the cowboy boot. This can now be hung as a decoration, or used as a stocking!

These are just a few possibilities. With a little imagination or research, you and your little ones could come up with many more great ideas.


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